Similar to this question, what is the term used to refer to people who like Japan or Japanese culture?


Formally, the equivalent term would be


though coloquially or in a more insulting context


is sometimes used as well.

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    Another word someone might use is Otaku. – William Papsco Jan 14 '16 at 23:57
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    I was going to include that but Otaku is more for people who are into anime, which isn't what the OP was asking for. – John Clifford Jan 14 '16 at 23:59
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    Yeah, you're right, but I feel like it's relevant enough to at least be mentioned. – William Papsco Jan 15 '16 at 0:05
  • I would agree with that. +1 to your comments for additional info. ^_^ – John Clifford Jan 15 '16 at 0:14
  • I have never heard either "Nipponophile" or "weeaboo" in my three decades as a Japan resident and Japanophile. – curious-proofreader Jan 15 '16 at 5:20



"Japanophile" is a pretty common expression.

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