I apologize if this has already been answered somewhere, but I couldn't find it.

When there is a series of items or events in a sentence and they are connected by ands, do you need to insert a comma before each of the ands?

E.g. He went biking and sleighing and skating.

Additionally, what if the words are connected by or?

E.g. second or third or fourth.


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Since any answer that addresses the correct use of commas will likely be somewhat opinion-based, it is difficult to answer your question; however, I suggest that you purchase either the Chicago Manual of Style or the Gregg Reference Manual, and read their respective sections on the use of commas. For instance, both agree that a comma is required to set off a name in direct address; e. g., "Thank you, Jim."

As for your two examples, I agree with you that no commas are needed.

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