I am sure there is a word—I've seen it somewhere before and it's not one of those obscene words on tumblr. It means someone who chooses their words thoughtfully.

It's not an adjective but a noun to name the person, and it's not "wordsmith".


The word erudite exists as a noun, though it is said by the OED to be rare.

[So French érudit.] An erudite person, a scholar. rare.

1865 G. Grote Plato I. iv. 141 These laborious and useful erudites.

1888 Pall Mall Gaz. 6 Sept. 3/1 There are to be found, in and out of America, women citizens of that great country..female would-be erudites.

So I believe the word you need is erudite. Tom is an erudite

Unfortunately articulate does not similarly exist as a noun. The best the OED offers is articulate-speaking person - see examples below.

1829 T. Carlyle in Foreign Rev. 3 98 Were not these Plays translated almost into every language of articulate-speaking men.

1931 Amer. Lit. 3 79 ‘To make poems’, is, as Mr. Kuhl says, ‘a heart cry such as rarely is uttered by an articulate-speaking person.’

1994 M. A. Perkins Coleridge's Philos. (1999) i. 44
Articulate-speaking men.

Articulate by itself does not exist as a noun in the way erudite does - though it does have a zoological sense!

  • hmm the word as i remember has nothing to do with the person's knowledge or vocabulary, but his character itself - being someone who thinks and chooses his words nonetheless thanks for your word! – jannnette Jan 12 '16 at 15:02

Discourser, articulator, word slinger, bard, raconteur, toastmaster, conversationalist, haranguer, orator, silver-tongued yarn spinner...


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