What would be the study of hierarchies of information?

We have meetings where we discuss this and need a word to characterize them. Like building trees of information and relationship. Something like ontology or phylogeny but for this specific use.


You might consider using 'taxonomy'. Here's an example of the term in use:

Information architects grapple with taxonomy, but developers often ignore it--to their own detriment. Understanding information taxonomy is the first step in designing better software from the ground up.

(From "Understanding information taxonomy helps build better apps" at TechRepublic, June 25, 2003.)

As observed later in the same article, 'taxonomy' is hierarchical:

Taxonomy structure has the following key characteristics:

  • It is hierarchical. Similar to the classification systems illustrated in Listings A and B, taxonomy structure is multilevel, representing hierarchical relationships between concepts within a defined scope and context.
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    this is very good (and taxonomy is the word I was struggling to remember). It's interesting to read this Wikiepedia article en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ontology_(information_science) and realize that ontology is being used (very) incorrectly when building these heirarchies and that a taxonomy would be closer in true meaning. – timpone Jan 8 '16 at 22:12

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