Can anybody help me to describe the meaning of "right round toward", especially in the bold sentence of the context below.


Within two years, Deng was the most powerful man in China. Deng's moment had come, and what a moment! He took China right round towards roaring full-throttle capitalism.

More context if needed:

... Under Deng, China's repressive state continued, but he began welding together the two big ideas that had divided the world in the 20th century. For him, capitalism in a communist country wasn't a contradiction, it was a pragmatic solution. Since Deng's reforms were introduced, China's economy has been growing at an average of nearly 10% a year every year. It's on track to become the world's biggest economy by 2016. ...

Source: History of the world by Andrew Marr - episode 8

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China must have been going in the direction of socialism when Deng came on the scene.

adverb: right ODO (scroll down to "adverb")
   1. to the furthest or most complete extent or degree (used for emphasis).
   the car spun right off the track
   synonyms: completely, fully, totally, absolutely, utterly, thoroughly, quite

adverb round ODO (scroll down to "adverb")
chiefly British
   2 So as to rotate and face in the opposite direction:
   he swung round to face her

Deng (Xiaoping) veered the country 180°, in the totally opposite direction, of capitalism. Note "contradiction" in the commentary: For him, capitalism in a communist country wasn't a contradiction.



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