The site I am designing the data schema for will be

  • selling subscription service and
  • selling access to certain features for a one time fee.

I can call the latter a "product" and then I need a word for what combines both subscription and product, or I can use product as a generic word that combines subscription and the things I sell for one time fee, but then I need a word for that latter thing.

UPDATE: I decided on using "service" and "product" as the types of stuff I offer on the site, but the top level, the generic name that combines both, is still in question. "Offering" suggested by @BiscuitBoy is quite close but it doesn't feel like the right terminology - I need something a bit more e-commerce'y :)

  • Please define "e-commerce-y". You yourself imply offering with 'I decided on using "service" and "product" as the types of stuff I offer on the site'. What are criteria you are using to judge suggestions? ELU is not a guessing-game.
    – Andrew Leach
    Commented Jan 7, 2016 at 12:15

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I feel an offering would best fit your description


(noun) something offered for sale or patronage



The e-com site has a few offerings, including subscription services and access to special/Pro features for an one-time fee

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