I know that "due to do something" is the correct way. For example:

Sometime next month, we're due to buy a house in Rutherford.


Sometime next month, we're due to look for a house in Rutherford.

This sentence sounds weird to me because of the verb look. Can we use the verb look with due to in the sentence?

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    I don't see that there's any difference, grammatically. "Due to look" sounds fine to me. – Nate Eldredge Jan 4 '16 at 20:45

Yes, the two are grammatically the same. The reason it might sound weird (and it does to me, as well) is the association of the word 'due'. It implies a fixed moment. 'Look for' doesn't have the sense of completeness that 'buy' has. I would say 'planning to look for' and 'due to buy' a house. For the same reason, I would say 'planning to think about' and 'due to make a decision about' something.

Does that help?


I think the stop that's bugging you might be that you're seeing 'look for' and thinking the 'to' and 'for' are two preposition like words that are too close together.

I may be wrong. But in either case, I'm with @Nate and I think that considering 'to look for' as the verb, it is grammatically the same.

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