When you have preplanned a date for something with a friend or a group of people and you want to ask if they are still committed to it and it's sort of a reminder Are on date? That doesn't seem right. Plus I'm unsure if date is good enough to be used since its usually used in romantic situations.

So if I planned to go witha ccouple of friends for a barbecue on Saturday, maybe I'd ask them on a Friday if they're on date/still fixed on it and up for it? What is said?

1: Are you on our planned date for Saturday.
2: Yeah I am.


You've almost got it.

Your sentence is incorrect:

Are you on our planned date for Saturday?

This is better:

Are you on for our planned date for Saturday?

This is best:

Are we still on for our planned date on Saturday?

Here is the shorter version:

Are we still on for Saturday?

The definition of the expression, be on for something, according to Macmillan:

To want to do something.

e.g., Are you still on for a trip to the coast on Thursday?


This is in response to the comment by the OP asking, "Is it okay to use [date] generally? Like isn't date used as a romantic date? Or is okay to be used even in these cases?"

Yes, it is okay. The noun, date, has more than one meaning:

  1. The day of the month or year as specified by a number.

    1.1 A particular day or year when a given event occurred or will occur.

    1.2 (dates) The years of a person’s birth and death or of the beginning and end of a period or event.

    1.3 The period of time to which an artifact or structure belongs.

  2. A social or romantic appointment or engagement.

    2.1 A person with whom one has a social or romantic engagement.

    2.2 A musical or theatrical engagement or performance, especially as part of a tour.

  • Is it okay to use it generally.
    – user151577
    Jan 2 '16 at 22:47
  • I do not understand your question, "Is it okay to use it generally?" Please explain what you mean by "it" and what you mean by "generally."
    – Kyle
    Jan 2 '16 at 22:49
  • Like isn't date used as a romantic date. Or is it okay to be used even in these cases.
    – user151577
    Jan 2 '16 at 22:53
  • 1
    'Date' does tend to be used for a romantic meeting, though it doesn't have to be. That is why Kyle's last suggestion, without 'date', is the best.
    – Colin Fine
    Jan 2 '16 at 22:55

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