My (non-English) teacher encountered this question in a recommendation form and asked me for it's meaning. Does this mean how long I've known someone, or how close I am with him? It'd be awesome if you could give me a sample response to a question that asks me about the length of my acquaintance with someone.

Thanks in advance

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    It means how long have you known him. – Hot Licks Dec 26 '15 at 18:18
  • +1 for @Hotlicks, i.e. duration of relationship. For example: Length of Engagement and of Acquaintance: It might be thought that there would be no particular correlation the length of acquaintance and the length of engagement. – Graffito Dec 26 '15 at 18:34

"What does 'length of acquaintance' mean?" It means, "How long have you known this person?" An appropriate answer would be something like this: "I've known him for about two years." Or, if you are more than mere acquaintances, you might say, "He and I have been friends for several years." Usually, one only asks about "length of acquaintance" if the person asking doesn't know what the nature of your relationship is with the other person.

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