Is it correct if I say

the object loses contact from the floor

meaning that the object won’t touch the floor anymore?

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    The expression is to lose contact with X; if you lose contact from X, it is likely to be interpreted that X the cause of you losing contact. – choster Dec 14 '15 at 23:31

The expression 'from the floor' is valid, but it usually means something attached to the floor.

If small areas of asbestos felt come loose from the floor... (source)

Or something above the floor:

Towel racks, towel dispensers, and other dispensers and disposal units must not be mounted higher than 40 inches from the floor. (source)

Or "the floor" in public speaking:

Any nominee from the floor must be an eligible candidate for the director position for which the person has been nominated. (source)

You wouldn't use it for a chair as described.

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