I did an online quiz and I wish someone to tell me why my answer was reported to be incorrect. In the sentence below, I selected "She is going to be preparing dinner" but apparently the correct answer was "She will be preparing dinner".


Tomorrow at this time, they will also be doing the same thing. She is going to be preparing dinner and he is going to be reading. They are very predictable people!

Source: englishpage.com

  • I would not call your choice incorrect, but consider that the first sentence uses will. – Anonym Dec 5 '15 at 20:42
  • 2
    The error you made was to do that particular online quiz. – Edwin Ashworth Dec 5 '15 at 21:31

Not only is your version also correct, I suggest it may be more suitable.

She will be preparing dinner is a simple statement about the future, whereas She is going to be preparing dinner has the more specific meaning (as required in your test question), that at some known time in the future, an action will be occurring in the present, and there is a high level of confidence about its happening.

This is a subtly different way of expressing the concept, and its use depends on the context.

You would not wish to use it unnecessarily, since it is longer and potentially inelegant, however By late morning we're going to be lazing on the beach says something additional, and is not quite as straightforward as Later this morning we'll be lazing on the beach.

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