I have an article that contains a list of negative responses to a change in design for a milk jug. I want to use their feedback as a way to enforce my point that people don't like change. I am not a very good writer and think the way I worded it sounds awkward. Is there a better way to go about it?

My sentence
Things like “‘I hate it’ said Lisa ... ‘It spills everywhere’ said Amy ... ‘It’s very hard for kids to pour’ said Lee” were just a few of the responses consumers gave on the change.

The original article
"I hate it," said Lisa DeHoff, a cage owener in a Sam's Club here.
"It spills everywhere," said Amy Wise, a homemaker.
"It's very hard for kids to pour," said Lee Morris, who was shopping for her grandchildren.

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It would be better to not use the ellipses (...) to join the quotes. Perhaps, try to integrate it in your sentence.

You could write: In response to the new handle, some people claim they "hate it" and say that "it spills everywhere" and that it is "very hard for kids to pour."

For more information on how to integrate quotes into your writing, you can look at this resource:



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