Say you have several companies working for you to achieve/complete a certain task, but the one who does best/finishes the job gets the commission for the job. I'm aware of the term pitch (from the elevator pitch) but I'm looking for synonyms or alternative words to describe this type of behavior/scenario.

Even better; if there's a name for this and was described by someone in history I'd like to read about it.

Any suggestions?

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    Those companies are vying for the commission.
    – Joe Dark
    Dec 5, 2015 at 10:41
  • In a selection process, the buyer first issues a "call for tender". Each interested companies submits a "bid" (i.e. a proposal with technical response and price declaration). Then, the buyer selects the "best offer" and commissions the winner. To what part of this process do you refer.?
    – Graffito
    Dec 5, 2015 at 11:09

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I don't think any companies are working for you unless they are paid for the work. They are just preparing for competition or a bid (bidding) process where competition to get a contract (commission) is going on.

The noun bid means:

An offer to do work or supply goods at a stated price; a tender: a number of businessmen were keen to make a bid for the £75 million contract

You can use the verb bid to say:

They are preparing to bid for the contract (work).

You could visit the link in Wikipedia explaining about bidding.


I think you are looking for tender:

  • Unconditional offer of money (to satisfy a debt) or performance (to satisfy an obligation).

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