I have "Brightness" and "Contrast" adjustments on my monitor. What would be a word that those could be grouped into? "Picture Adjustments" perhaps?

I was hoping for something more specific, because moving the position and such could also be considered a "Picture Adjustment".

  • You might call them "viewing-quality adjustments," in contradistinction to "screen positioning adjustments." The relevant Microsoft page doesn't use a categorical name for the two variables. – Sven Yargs Dec 4 '15 at 18:04
  • Your monitor probably doesn't allow adjustment of resolution, for example. But in principle is that another one of the video attribute adjustments you want included? – FumbleFingers Dec 4 '15 at 18:06
  • @FumbleFingers No, I just want a group that describes Brightness and Contrast. I'd like if the group name separated itself from things like resolution and position. – Jonathan Mee Dec 4 '15 at 19:07

I've always heard these categorized under picture settings. Things like color warmth, black levels, etc., also get grouped here.

Some could refer to these as display settings, too, but generally display settings are more commonly things like resolution. A rule of thumb could be -- if it affects the visual look of the image itself (color, contrast), it's a picture setting. If it's instead more closely related to matching the picture to the display in a technical sense (resolution, aspect ratio), it's a display setting. Therefore changes such as bumping the image up or down a couple of pixels to fit your monitor would be a display setting change.

Generally speaking though the categories are not very concretely defined, and in everyday usage, I don't think anyone would get confused by referring to any such setting by either term.

With dials and buttons on the monitor itself, I usually just group them as "monitor settings," since I also have the ability to alter the image through software. Categorizing it as a monitor setting therefore gives more immediate information than either picture or display would.

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    Ah, but some manufacturers used picture synonymously with contrast (and color with saturation, and tint with hue). Apparently, Sony still does. Thus, picture or picture settings can be ambiguous, especially to people who tweaked such things in the analog CRT days. – choster Dec 4 '15 at 18:52

Among the 3 big graphics card makers these are generally grouped into the Color aggregate. If 3 companies that can hardly agree on anything go with the same group name who am I to object? I think Color Adjustments is an accepted grouping.

Pictures bellow (in alphabetical order, less some fanboy kick the bucket):

And AMD seems to have chosen Display Color Adjustments:

enter image description here

Intel uses Color Enhancement:

enter image description here

Nvidia uses Color Settings:

enter image description here

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