From the SAT:

A poetic form congenial to Robert Downing was the dramatic monologue, which let him explore a character's mind without simplifications demanded by stage productions.

The subject doing the let is the dramatic monologue, which is singular. So why would it not be lets?

Another question is what is the verb explore? Is it an infinitive or gerund? Because I don't think there is anyone doing the action.


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Here, let is the past tense of the verb let, and means allowed. Lets (allows) would be the present-tense form.

It's past tense because of the verb was: the sentence describes a past situation.

The dramatic monologue was congenial to Downing. It allowed him to explore a character's mind.

Explore is a simple infinitive. Let does not permit infinitives to take the particle to, which allow requires.

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