On page 82 of Elizabeth Green's Building a Better Teacher, the second and third paragraph mentions "ed school" a couple of times, what does it mean? Here's the original text--

An Oxford professor named Harry Judge, touring American ed schools at the request of the Ford Foundation, described the university approach as “the doctrine of Anything-But.” That is, ed schools were “anything but schools of pedagogy,” an ed school professor told Judge.

The doctrine of Anything-But began with professors. In his final report, Judge described how faculty recruitment happened at a fictional university he named Waterend—a composite representing the elite ed schools he’d toured:

  • Teacher college. Ed = education. – user662852 Dec 3 '15 at 2:57

An "Ed School" is a department within a university or a stand-alone college that focuses on preparing teachers for their profession; also known as "Normal School," "Teacher's College" or "Teacher-Training College." http://www.memidex.com/normal-school

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