Coldplay use this word in their new song Everglow. Some people on the internet do too. However, I can't find the meaning of this word in the dictionary.

Does this word actually exist? If so, what is its meaning?


ever- can be used as a prefix having the sense of "always" or "continuously". (E.g. Macmillan online]

Short of a formal definition, you can assume that "everglow" carries the sense of glowing always or continuously.

From the song itself:

There's a light that you give me/ When I'm in shadows /It's a feeling within me, everglow.

… the light that you left me will everglow …

The sense seems to be that the "light" bestowed upon the narrator by the beloved will glow forever.


Chris Martin said that he heard a surfer say the word Everglow. I think it means a feeling after you stop feeling sad. That tiny bit of hope or light that you feel after you have been through something big. A light, a glow, a happiness. Something like that. I like how we can't find an exact meaning of the word. It leaves much for your own interpretation. Coldplay is best known for that lol.

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  • The Mae band released an album in 2005 called The Everglow, one of the best albums I’ve ever heard, a masterpiece, the album includes a song titled The Everglow, a wonderful song, better than this Everglow of Coldplay. So Martin can say what he wants but all of you should know where he got the name. – user199232 Oct 3 '16 at 21:49

"Everglow" by Coldplay is about the feeling of warmth or happiness that comes with the sadness you feel when you think about a relationship, situation, or friendship that has now ended.

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Ever glow means a feeling of bliss and excitement the most happy thing, it can also mean a feeling of hope when the worst is over like after crying.

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