This might be a dumb question and I'm not sure if I should move this to ELL but I would like to know what words/phrases we could use - preferably a single word - for work progress that is behind schedule / on schedule / or ahead of schedule.

Not being a native speaker, all I can think of are the following ones:

The project is lagging behind.

The project is on track.

The project is ahead of our schedule.

What else could we use in place of the bolded phrases? (Hope they are grammatically right. :D)

  • Single words? Late, early, nominal. I'd usually say on-time for the latter, but you specified one word.
    – stevesliva
    Dec 26, 2015 at 4:55

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The project is [ behind schedule | ahead of schedule ].

The project is [ on track | is running to plan | is running to schedule].

Progress has been just as planned.

Progress has been [slower | faster] than planned.



The project is behind schedule.

The project continues on (or according to) schedule.

The project is ahead of schedule.


ahead of (or behind) schedule: earlier (or later) than planned or expected

(Oxford American Dictionary)

on schedule: On time; as planned or expected.

(Oxford American Dictionary)

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