How do you describe web experience which makes you feel that you are interacting with a human, or humans are a part of the process, rather than a robot?

For example, you have two news-letter subscription forms. One is labelled:

---Email : _______________________ ---

And another one is labelled:

-------------WANT THE LATEST IN WEB DESIGN------------
-------Just enter your email : _____________----------
-----Yes, please.----------I am OK being outdated-----

(I picked it from here)

You can see that the second results in much more personalized 1 user experience, and thus develops trust at a subconscious level and the user feels more welcomed.

The way I can describe it is that, well if I were the user, I would feel I was interacting with a bot/robot, whereas in second one, I feel that I am interacting with a human, that there is a human behind the process. A humanly connection is developed.

But how do I describe this? The second one results in a more _______ user experience. Please fill in the blank.

1 I have been thinking that the word 'personalized' will do, but just confirmed from the dictionary, and it means

Made for, directed or adjusted to a particular individual

So it rather seems to mean that user experience adapts to the preferences of the individual experiencing/using it.


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I think the adjective human is a good choice:

belonging to or relating to people, especially as opposed to machines or animals



By giving the candidate direct access to the consultant online, via chat and social integration we create a more human experience - connecting online and real world experiences very closely.


It’s one thing to make technology more human, with Siri-like apps that talk and listen.


"Personalized" doesn't really work here, as the message is not tailored to the individual who views it. To be personalized, it could say something like "Hi John, would you like to get the latest in web design?"

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