What does Weaves off means in the following sentence and in general,

A trail that weaves off the pch and into a pole.


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  • Think of how the weft in a piece of woven cloth must move under then over the warp to effect the weave. – Jim Nov 22 '15 at 0:18

The trail is being personified, and by "weaving off" it moves away from the expected direction, most likely in a curve or in a series of curves.


Probably from Old Norse veifa ‘move around, wave’, related to Latin vibrare.

Verb[edit] weave ‎(third-person singular simple present weaves, present participle weaving, simple past and past participle weaved)

(intransitive) To move by turning and twisting.  [quotations ▼] The drunk weaved into another bar. (transitive) To make (a path or way) by winding in and out or from side to side.  [quotations ▼] The ambulance weaved its way through the heavy traffic.


The google reveals that this is a line from a Comedy Central Network "roast" of actor David Hasselhoff, a man

... with so many different talents, it's no wonder that David has blazed a trail, a trail that weaves off the PCH and into a pole.

The point of such an exercise is for the hosts to say as many cruel things as they can about the guest of honor. This is supposed to be entertaining.

Metaphorically, "to blaze a trail" is to be a successful and innovative leader. Literally, a trail that weaves is one that takes an erratic route. The literal trail here is I believe a reference to a motorcycle accident in which Hasselhoff and his wife were injured. Hasselhoff was thrown in to a light pole. Once the driver of a motorcycle loses control of the vehicle, its path is likely to be an erratic one as it crashes. PCH is the local name for California State Route 1, also called the Pacific Coast Highway, a north-south road that runs along most of the California coast. Although I don't think the Hasselhoffs' accident actually happened on that road.

The point here is that David Hasselhoff isn't a particularly noteworthy actor, and the claim is that the only thing anyone would take note of him for is his having run his motorcycle into a pole.

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