This is all about one question but I had to create some context for that sentence to make it sound as natural as possible. Is that sentence with past perfect correct?

Telling a story about my best Wimbledon. .... After the victory in the third-round match I was so excited. I went to sleep at about three o'clock in the morning. It is usual that you can not fall asleep that quickly when you are full of emotions. That night I wasn't the exception. I could not fall asleep and therefore I opened my favourite book to read - The Alchymist. It was an amazing feeling to know that every win would bring something extra special, something unexpected. To be honest I didn´t expect myself to get that far. That Wimbledon had (already) been the best tournament in my short career. Nothing could change that feeling.

I have got two different answers to this and therefore I decided to create this thread to make sure which of them is the one I should believe.

I have also been told that the past perfect here is possible however it may sound as if a children were speaking rather than an adult person - because it is unusual to consider things to be the best immediately after the start of the tournament or so - third round is still closer to the start I would say.

Looking forward to your answers.

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Past perfect is correct, because the story is being told well after the event.

At the time the person may have said this Wimbledon has already been the best....

But if they are speaking about it later they need that Wimbledon had...

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