How can I express in an informal way that I've eaten, and ready to continue what I was doing before, akin to saying that my phone's charged up, or a petrol tank has been filled up?

For example:

User A: Are you ready?

User B [who's just had lunch]: Yep, I'm ready. I'm [fed up] and ready to continue.

  • There could be many ways to say it. It would be nicer if you could explain why you need "informal" way. Your question might be regarded "too broad" or opinion-based, I am afraid. – user140086 Nov 18 '15 at 4:39
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    I'm finished or I'm full? – deadrat Nov 18 '15 at 4:41

Consider "I'm full" (mentioned by deadrat in comments), or "I'm full up".

Another suggestion would be "I'm stuffed":

completely full, so that you cannot eat any more

If an idiom is OK, consider "My eyes are bigger than my stomach":

used for saying that someone has taken more food than they can eat

(Macmillan Dictionary)

(The idiom doesn't syntactically fit the example sentence, but if the sentence is not writ in stone, it could work.)

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In your example,

I'm fed and ready to continue

works well. You can use that if you start to say "fed up" and change your mind at the last second...if you wait a split second too late,

I'm fed uh...and ready to continue

also works.

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