I can hardly understand Baby Daddy TV series season 2, so I downloaded the script. Now, I can recognize words and sentences because I read along as I listen. But I still find it a very fast accent. I watch many English videos on YouTube such as TED talks and they are not that fast. Why is there a difference? Does Baby Daddy have a special accent?

As a native speaker, what do you use in your daily life, and what is the accent spoken in the American street? Is it as fast as Baby Daddy?

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    People doing formal presentations, such as TED talks, make a conscious effort to not only slow down their speech but enunciate very clearly - sometimes exaggeratedly. If you were to talk to your buddies in the bar at the same speed, they'd think something was wrong with you. I'm a salesman and I do presentations to customers constantly, and I'll tell you one of the hardest things being aware of and maintaining a slow pace. – Dan Bron Nov 17 '15 at 20:37
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    FWIW, after flipping through a few clips just now, the main cast all speak with something close to *General American*— i.e. neutral American English without any regional accent. Speech rate is more complicated; for example, people may pronounce syllables quickly, but take longer pauses between words. But it doesn't strike me (native speaker, urban bicoastal) as unusually fast. This blog says Steve Jobs' TED talk averages 158 syllables per minute, while various sources say Americans on average converse anywhere from to 160-190 wpm. – choster Nov 17 '15 at 22:44

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