I'm making a database, establishing the fields where data is entered. The database stores a list of school systems that our company has worked with. So there's a field for the year we started working with them; but I'm drawing a blank as to how to summarize that in a small phrase.

Is there a better phrasing for the title of the field, rather than "YearWeStartedWorkingWith"?

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I am assuming you want a short, concise field label, correct?

How about one of these:

  • Worked With Since
  • Partner Since (if you consider the school systems partners)
  • Since Year
  • Year Started

"Inception" means the beginning of something.


"Engagement" is common among companies that have clients. So "year of first engagement". But your accounts-management people may consider the engagement to have commenced very precisely when (e.g.) a contract is signed. "Year of first contact" would be a little more general.

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