I noticed that I have many sentences where I say that "[this should be done]" because something is missing and something should be done differently. However, I do not like to be like teaching someone.


The documentation misses some descriptions of some fields and completely the fields \emph{fileHeader} and \emph{eventHeader}, which should be added there.

How can you say such a should-sentence more positively?

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I'm not sure what your role is here. Are you writing a review of someone else's technical report? Or are you documenting the shortcomings of your own work?

In any event, perhaps you could have a separate section within the document that is titled "Future Steps", or "Next Steps", or "Action Items". This way your suggestions will not seem as negative. You are instead suggesting follow-on steps that build on the good work already accomplished.


If it's imperative that it needs to be added, then 'should' or 'shall' would be appropriate.


"Needs to be" .... "Needs to be added there" "To add more clarity to the \emph{fiileHeader} amd \emph{eventHeader], please include the complete descriptions and fields"

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