I'm looking for a website that would propose free dictations in English, so that I could listen and then type what I hear and at the end to see if I made any mistakes. I was searching in the Internet, but I didn't find anything close enough. May be someone knows and wouldn't mind to share ? Thanks!

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Check this link on meta ELL.

This meta post on ELL lists many resources, one of which relates to pronunciations. The other resources are quite useful as well.


The Writer's Almanac is a daily radio segment/podcast which features Garrison Keillor in 5 minutes of talk and poetry. There is not a literal transcript for the entire program, but there is a "set of notes", so to speak, which can used to help interpret what is said, and there is an exact copy of the poem featured in each segment.

Keillor is a good source for pronunciations and diction as he has a clear and near-perfect Midwestern accent, and I only very rarely detect what I would consider a mispronunciation. (Though some episodes in the summer of 2013 were done by poet Billy Collins, who notably cannot pronounce "poem" correctly.)

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