I read this once somewhere in a story and I want to be sure about the meaning and the usage of it. Can you provide some examples, please?

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neither fish nor fowl: having no specific characteristics or category, not easily characterized. The phrase, which was originally “neither fish nor flesh nor fowl,” appeared in slightly different form in a 16th-century collection of proverbs as “neither fish, nor flesh, nor good red herring”: fish for monks who ate no meat, flesh for people who could afford meat, and cheap herring for the poor.


one that does not belong to a definite class, party, or category : a nondescript person or thing; also : a person without convictions

(Webster's Unabridged)


The Tory peer, said: ‘The whole system has to be looked at afresh because at present it is neither fish nor fowl.’

Trying to satisfy all constituents, it has usually come down right in the middle - not a good place to be, neither fish nor fowl.

‘Now they are neither fish nor fowl and fewer students are taking them’, he said.


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