I'm trying to find a word for the relation between a competition or an event and its offered sports.

Let's take the Olympic Games for example:

The event would be the Olympic Games. You can participate in different sports like boxing. A specific match would then be associated to a [insert word here] which identifies its event and sport.

In my case I have eSport competitions which offer different video games (here equal to sports) you can participate in.

Combinations are for example:

ESL One 2015 - DotA 2
ESL One 2015 - CS:GO
ESL One 2015 - Hearthstone

How would you call these combinations?

  • How about tournament? – Mamta D Nov 3 '15 at 10:54

Your question is not clear to me, however the different sports of the Olympic Games can be called Olympic disciplines. See OED:

b. spec. A branch or field of sporting activity; a subcategory or element of a particular sport.

So if you're looking for a synonym of sport in the context of a definite set of sports, this word may be the one you're looking for.

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Leg ? (Collins)

Particularly the fourth one.

  • a section or part of a journey or course

  • a single stage, lap, length, etc,

  • in a relay race either one of two races on which a cumulative bet has been placed

  • one of a series of games, matches, or parts of games

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You could consider using event which means:

Each of several particular contests making up a sports competition: ‘he repeated the success in the four-lap, 600 cc event’

[Oxford Online Dictionary]

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I don't believe there is one word to describe both relationships, in what appears to be a relational database entity relationship mapping exercise. As best as I can see, the relations are different.

The event (e.g. Olympics, World Cup committee) will program all contests.

A league or sports governing body (e.g. FIFA) will sponsor or govern the contests.

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