I am simply interested in whether this sentence is in correct English. Especially, I am unsure about the use of the relative clause in italic.

The specular reflexions of the glass beads, both dynamic and static examples of which occur in the image sequence, were a real issue for the correlation algorithm to produce accurate results.

Maybe I can give this question a better title, suggestions are welcome!

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    Instead of looking only at of which, see it as examples of which occur then it will make sense. The sentence seems to be grammatically correct. From The Medical and Physical Journal Both the viscera, and the members, however, often suffer from these two species of transformation, examples of which are furnished by every part of the human body
    – Mamta D
    Nov 3, 2015 at 9:54

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This is perfectly grammatical and normal for fairly formal writing. In a less formal setting (eg in an article about this research in a popular science magazine) it would be better reworded to avoid the complex embedding.

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