I am looking for a word or phrase to express that type of getting to your feet, when you were on your knees and you try to dash into a run, but it’s like your legs are tripping on each other. Imagine a drunk marathon runner, unable to get up, but trying to run anyway.


There can be many verb collocations with "to one's feet" that would work. Consider these options:

  1. to stumble to your feet:

to stumble: to proceed unsteadily or falteringly; flounder. (AHD)

Example: With a curse, Phillip stumbled to his feet. (Google Books)

  1. to hobble to your feet (especially if your legs hurt or are injured):

to hobble: to walk or move along haltingly or with difficulty (AHD)

Example: Logan hobbled to his feet as Tom set his hand under his arm to help him up. (Google Books)

  1. to stagger to your feet (as suggested by chasly form UK in comments), or to totter to your feet:

to stagger: to move or stand unsteadily, as if under a great weight; totter (AHD)

Example: Riker staggered to his feet and buckled the deadly disruptor around his own hips, then shuffled back to the master controls. (Google Books)

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