How do I define a term and then use it in singular or plural context?

Here is the problem:

I am looking for a word which would collectively define the parameter setting for all the parameters in an algorithm.

Currently, I have defined a parameter setting as follows:

A parameter setting for an algorithm is defined as a set of values representing a specific value for each parameter in the algorithm.

What I mean is the set [a, b, c], where a, b, and c are the corresponding values of parameters A, B, and C for an algorithm.

I feel this definition is ambiguous, as "parameter setting" can mean a setting for a particular parameter in an algorithm (not for the set).


Then what you need is a term that implies plurality while being singular. I'd go for something like parameter set or parameter group. This allows for three levels: parameterparameter groupparameter groups.


I suggest vector.

In computer programming, a one-dimensional array.

It correctly describes a row of values.


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  • In computer programming, isn't a vector a special kind of data structure, which may or may not be what the parameter settings are stored in? If they're not actually stored in a vector in the particular program we're talking about, using that term would be confusing. – Peter Shor Oct 31 '15 at 20:30

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