Sometimes I hear sentences that sound conditional to me, just because of the (unassertive) ordering of the words. I don't know if I can come up with a proper example. Consider this:

  • I'd be a lot better, had she stayed with me.

And I guess it's equivalent to this conditional form:
If she had stayed with me, I would have been a lot better.

So, this is my question:
In what ways can you make a sentence conditional without using conditional conjunctions (if, unless, etc)? And what are their equivalent conditional forms?


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You can have a conditional clause using "should" "had", "were", instead of using a conjunction.

"Should any of the clauses contain a mistake, please advise us immediately" (If any of the clauses...)

"Were I to seek revenge, it wouldn't make me feel any better." (If I were to seek...)

"Had I known the circumstances, I wouldn't have criticized her." (If I had known...)

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