In this chat on github I found:

A. I made some changes. Please review.

B. Awesome, thanks!

A. Why yes, of course

What A means in his last sentence?

In general, is "why yes" a stronger "yes"?


Why here is an interjection, placed at the beginning of a sentence to express surprise:

Is it nine o'clock already? Why, I must have fallen asleep!

or opposition:

Are you suggesting he stole the money? Why, I think that's impossible.

or in you example, emphasis:

B. Awesome, thanks!
A. Why [would you think it would be any less than awesome?], yes of course.

or perhaps

A. Why [would I even need to be thanked for something I'm happy to do], yes, of course.

Don't take the bracketed words as a literal ellipsis. The why is there to express a general emphatic tone.

The OED finds the interjectory use of why going back five hundred years.

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