I know that Randall (from xkcd) invented this word as a joke, but now I'm wondering. Are there any examples of real words that are "A portmanteau created by incorrectly combining a malapropism with a neologism"?

I can think of some words that are close, but not quite right. For example,"misunderestimate" is simultaneously a neologism, a portmanteau, and a malapropism. However, it is not a malamanteau. Are there any better examples of this?

  • cromulent? It's a combination of crompehensible and the suffix -ulent (meaning full of). But I guess -ulent isn't a neologism. – Peter Shor Oct 16 '15 at 2:45
  • "Weak-a-pedia" might qualify, if you consider "weak-a" a malapropism for "wiki." – Sven Yargs Oct 16 '15 at 2:46
  • Yeah I started a blog about the malamanteaus after he did that site. Picked up a few questionable ones just by setting up google alerts for the word. If you run across more I'll totally add them. malamanteaus.blogspot.com – Mxyzptlk Oct 16 '15 at 15:11
  • malamanteau = neoloschism yes? english.stackexchange.com/questions/408850/… – Phil Sweet Mar 19 at 21:40

A great subcultural linguistic movement is centered on this very concept: it's a specific Canadian and P/NW slang associated with tech, mechanics, and tradespeople--its apotheosis is a prolific youtuber known by the moniker AvE. There's a sensational glossary at: https://bumblefuckerytoenglish.com/

Consider the self-explanatory, but crisply inventive: prefamulated






Sterling examples all of this inventive and emergent ("emectant?") trope in action! A quick visit with a curious mind (a "Quisit"?) is well worth the price of admission (So you don't need "Primission" first!)

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  • Welcome to the site Dr.. Thanks for the great laugh from a great first post. – Bitter dreggs. Mar 19 at 21:57

Yes. Malamanteau itself is.

A malamanteau is a neologism for a portmanteau created by incorrectly combining a neologism and a malapropism. It's itself a portmanteau of malapropism and portmanteau. It's also a malapropism of portmanteau. It's also a neologism coined when the comic was made.

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  • So can you name the neologism and the malapropism that were combined into a portmanteau? – jejorda2 Sep 8 '17 at 20:53

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