As in "Technology has the ability to affect us in more than just our _______/well-being it can also affect the environment around us."

Side note : I’am also looking for a word that kinda has to do with the side of our lives that has to do with economics/job . Like as in it can affect _____ side of our lives, safety in job/nank account privacy type of thing. I know this is vague.⋅

  • Probably you mean 'quality of life'. google.co.uk/?gws_rd=ssl#q=quality+of+life+definition – chasly from UK Oct 5 '15 at 23:04
  • That seems to to help a lot with what I am trying to say/describe but seems somewhat more general than what I am looking for (for the first question at least). That seems to help fit though with my second question. Thanks! – kerus Oct 5 '15 at 23:13
  • What is wrong with just, 'well-being' for the first part? That covers mental and physical. – chasly from UK Oct 5 '15 at 23:15
  • That's what I was going with at first but realized well-being can cover more than just physical and emotional. It could also mean financial well-being or many other things. I was trying to encapsulate those two in a word to expand later. Also because I was going to be writing about another type of well-being to expand upon later. – kerus Oct 5 '15 at 23:52
  • Perhaps "living conditions" or "destiny". – Graffito Oct 6 '15 at 0:10

It seems as though personal well-being would work for you.

Technology has the ability to affect us in more than just our personal well-being, it can also affect the environment around us.

It can mean physical well-being, emotional well-being, material well-being, etc.

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  • That was what I was was going to use at first but I realized I wanted a word that could encapsulate the two of them to expand upon later. I was also trying to do the same with two other types of well-being so I could have the one word to expand upon like the other. "Well-being" seemed too general. But you are probably right I will just need to find a work around or reword what I am trying to say. Thanks! – kerus Oct 5 '15 at 23:57

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