I'm looking for a synonym of useful, with a maximum grateful attitude. It is not a person to be thanked, but an idea. It mostly a breakthrough idea, but breakthrough is not what I'm looking for. I have found some synonyms of useful on Google, but I'm confused how to choose one:

functional, practical, handy, convenient, utilitarian, serviceable, of use, of service, beneficial, advantageous, helpful, worthwhile, profitable, rewarding, productive, constructive, valuable, fruitful

To get you understand sense of the word, here is an example of it. In theoretical physics, physicists have to deal with tons of mathematics, and physical meanings usually be buried in the lines of code math. For example, the collision of two particles has this mathematical expression (I'm trying to trim a lot of jargons here):

Mathematical Formula

Feynman the genius found the way to bring the physical meaning back to life: Feynman Diagram

Compare to a real world collision:

Event Representation

What a _______ idea!

Image and expression taken from the wiki page of Feynman diagram.


Revolutionary might be a good fit

when used as an adjective, the term revolutionary refers to something that has a major, sudden impact on society or on some aspect of human endeavor.

Usually Revolutionary means something that has completely changed the way people perform a type of action, rather than simply modifying or slightly improving it. For example, one could say the invention of the steam engine revolutionised transport.

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