Thank you for the kind comments and answers regrading the adverbial phrase of place. But what I don't understand is how they can be used without a conjunction in some cases.

For example:

1 He talked with him on the phone and in the building.

2 He talked with him on the phone and on the mountain.


3 He talked with him on the phone in the building.

4 He talked with him on the phone on the mountain.

Why are sentences 3 and 4 correct?

My doubts were that "in the building" and "on the mountain" suddenly became adjectival phrases that modify "phone" when used directly next to the noun "phone", making it say "a phone that was in the building" and "a phone that was on the mountain", not that he talked on the mountain or in an office while being on the phone.

It was the question I was asking the whole time, but my limited grammar knowledge prevented me from asking a right question. Sorry about that.

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