At the gym I use, I pass a promotional poster that shows a group of people on life cycles. The caption reads "A Better Us." Every time I see it, I wonder, "Is this Ok?" "us" is the object form of "we." Is there an implied missing part that Makes "us" ok?


Provide the appropriate transitive verb of your choice with the phrase as its object:

Build a better us
Behold a better us
Exercise makes a better us

But bear in mind that even as the complement of a copulative verb, we prefer the objective case when strict application of grammar rules requires the nominative. Must people would say

This is a better us

and not "a better we," just as they would say when the gang comes back

It's us.

instead of "It's we.

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  • Ok, so it's a matter of preference that is generally acceptedk. In your first example, it's an imperative, as in "You / We" build a better us? – michael_timofeev Sep 20 '15 at 1:52
  • @michael_timofeev Yeah, as if the sweat-stained participants we're begging the trainers, "Build a better us." – deadrat Sep 20 '15 at 2:03

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