These two phrases have been widely used by my mates and me:

My computer is working fine.

My computer doesn't work properly.

However, for some weird reason, it seems to me like these phrases are just wrong but I cannot say why:

My computer is not working fine.

My computer doesn't work fine.

My computer works properly.

My computer is working properly.

Some thoughts about that?


Well, they are all correct, but depending on the context in which you use them, they may sound "off."

"My computer is not working fine" would usually be a retort like:

"Your computer seems to be working fine."

"No, my computer is not working fine."

If you're just stating that your computer is not working fine then you would maybe say:

"My computer isn't working so fine."

or simply:

"My computer isn't working."

It doesn't sound right because nobody speaks like that, but just because we don't speak like that doesn't mean the facts behind the grammar aren't true.

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