Here is a sentence:

Everyone likes you but her/she.

What should be the correct pronoun? According to me since we are replacing a subject with a pronoun it should be she, but the answer according to my book is her. Could anyone explain the reason for using her in this sentence?

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    "But" is a preposition here meaning except. "Her" is the object of that preposition, so the objective case is correct.
    – deadrat
    Sep 17, 2015 at 3:01

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The comment by deadrat is correct in saying that but acts as a preposition, synonymous with except in this instance.

Everyone likes you but her.

Everyone likes you except her.

If you want to see it act as a subject, you would need a verb. At that point, but becomes a conjugation and the start of a clause.

Everyone likes you, but she doesn't.

Everyone likes you, but she avoids you.

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