English is a dynamic, fast evolving language. Many new technological terms and expressions have been recently added to the language. My question is where to find good resources (books, forums, etc) to learn proper usage, grammar, word choice, articles, .etc used in modern technology. By modern technology, I mean the language of the Internet, social media, computer science, and modern communications. Many contributions to these fields come from non-native speakers of English. Even in new published research in these areas, I find weak English.

Many available books with the word "Modern" in their titles are full of examples which date back to decades and centuries. Also, most of the examples are about history, politics, literature, places, nations, civilization, etc. I wish I could find similar books discussing current technology with modern examples.

Any suggestions?

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Wikipedia is one of the best single resources. Articles on new items, technology or otherwise, are quick to appear and frequently edited if they need correcting or updating.

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