I am trying to find a phrase to replace 'longest-serving'. It is in regards to a customer who is the customer who has come to a store for the longest amount of time so they are not really 'serving' more like 'longest-attending' but obviously this does not sound very nice, something along those lines. Any ideas? THANKS


The term long-standing means

Having existed or continued for a long time: a long-standing tradition

Oxford Dictionaries Online

You could say most long-standing customer.

Perhaps you might also say longest-standing customer, but long-standing is a fairly fixed term, and that neologistic phrase might conjure up images of someone waiting in line for the most extended period.

P.S. I wouldn't use this term if you are in the seating business.

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I think you could use the expression loyal customer

Customer loyalty:

  • (noun [U] UK US Commerce-Marketing)
  • the fact of a ​customer ​buying ​products or ​services from the same ​company over a ​long ​period of ​time:

(Cambridge Business English Dictionary)

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adjectives I might use that suggest a more temporal context: seasoned, veteran, time-tested, proven, dedicated, loyal, diligent

nouns suggesting loyalty: supporter, devotee, fan, patron, regular, habitue, customer, advocate

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