Do I have to say: but before finish and publishing by book or but before finishing and publishing my book? Does gerund have to apply on both verbs?

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Yep, you need both. As a general guideline only, you can work out matters of grammatical agreement involving conjunctions by trying the sentence out with each of the conjoined parts separately:

but before publishing my book

is ok, but

but before finish my book

is not. Once you fix it up to "before finishing my book", you can recombine these to get a grammatical sentence.

Alternatively, you could change the parts to "before I finish my book" and "before I publish my book", giving you "before I finish and publish my book". Some people prefer this form, because they feel this makes it clearer that it is you, and not someone else, who is finishing and publishing your book.

But that's just a matter of taste :)

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