What is the difference between womens and Women's? where to use Womens and Women's?


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NEVER use "womens".

Women is the plural of woman , so there cannot be a plural of women.

However, you will see this simple truth ignored everywhere you look:

  • Womens Clothing Department

  • Womens Restroom, Mens Restroom (signs on doors that say WOMENS and MENS) — wrong!!!

  • Womens Issues, Womens Lib, etc.

Do not let these mistakes that other people make confuse or distract you. They are WRONG. Usually these errors occur because people never learned the difference between plurals and possessives.

  • Woman is singular. Man is singular.

  • Women is plural. Men is plural.

  • Woman's is a singular possessive. Man's is a singular possessive.

  • Women's is a plural possessive. Men's is a plural possessive.

  • Womens is not a word. Mens is not a word.

Learn the difference well, and don't believe what you see online or on signs! A million people might get this wrong; that does not make them right.

  • But according to many on this site if people 'get it wrong a million times' it becomes de facto English - see postings passim on the use of diagnose. They will talk to you about the etymological fallacy. If there is an argument for it, why not apply it to grocers' apostrophes too! Personally I won't have any of it and support a corollary to the etymological fallacy.
    – WS2
    Sep 14, 2015 at 8:59
  • Whatever. I get paid well to fix such garbage. Sep 14, 2015 at 10:14

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