What does "take comfort in your friends" mean?

I've stumbled upon this phrase in the "Rem - Everybody Hurts" song.

[...]Everybody hurts

Take comfort in your friends [...]

And I haven't found the appropriate phrase in the dictionary.


"Comfort" can mean solace, the easing of grief, pain, and distress. The admonition means that when you're hurting, turn to your friends for help in easing your distress.

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    It's very similar in meaning to "take comfort from." One difference may be that native speakers are more likely to use "take comfort in" rather than "from" when a person or group of people is the indirect object, because it doesn't sound nice to take (away) things from people. But we frequently say "take comfort from the fact that . . . ." -- though "in" works there, as well. – vstrong Sep 11 '15 at 21:32

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