Given the Elizabethan era and the Victorian era, and the duration of Queen Elizabeth II's reign of Great Britain, it seems likely that there will be an era named for her.

What is that name? Is there a protocol for such a thing?

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    I have heard it described as The second Elizabethan age. But we may not know the answer to this question until several more decades have passed. It would be interesting to discover when the Victorian age, or Victorian in general began to be used. I doubt that it was before the reign of George V, which began in 1910. Does anyone know? – WS2 Sep 10 '15 at 12:21
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    At the risk of being clapped in the tower for lese-majesty, I don't think Brenda has actually influenced her subjects/society anything like as much as her illustrious predecessors. Increasingly, her role is just "titular", but although she represents Britain (and the Commonwealth) while she's on the throne, I doubt future historians will find her a useful "anchor point" for identifying an "era". As things are shaping up, I think we'll be calling it the IT era (or maybe the Pre-Climate Collapse Era if it all goes horribly wrong). – FumbleFingers Sep 10 '15 at 12:26
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    @David Garner: Perhaps we should start calling it the Brendan Era to avoid possible confusion with her illustrious predecessor. (Unless my favourite Guardian crossword compiler already has dibs on that one! :) – FumbleFingers Oct 1 '15 at 15:53
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    As Chou En-Lai was supposed to have famously said in answer to a question as to what he thought of the French Revolution - "It's too early to tell." But far from pandering to the perception that the Chinese regard all of Western Civilization as a 'blip' (actually I understand they scarcely regard us at all), it's almost certain that Chou misunderstood the questioner to be referring to the 1968 riots then happening in Paris. But as others have pointed out, Royalty no longer shapes history or has any entitlement to lend its name to it. Pre-neodeluvian in time perhaps, as @FumbleFingers says.. – John Mack Oct 15 '15 at 19:22
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    @JohnMack, Speaking of opinions of Western Civilization, we must mention Gandhi's: I think it would be a good idea. – David Garner Oct 25 '15 at 14:44

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