By this, I do not mean someone aware of how other people see them. I want to describe someone who is concerned with their personality being consistent. For example, someone who feels the need to always seem cool in front of his/her friends. Is there a word for this?


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First thought was image-conscious.

Adjective: concerned about the way one comes across to other people and the impression one creates.

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from you description, i would go with insecure. as in someone who is insecure of themselves, will act for the crowd, whereas a secure person is confident in who they are, and not swayed by the crowd.

  • While this is likely true of many image/self-conscious people, there are a large group of insecure people who aren't image/self-conscious. Commented Oct 10, 2015 at 4:04
  • agreed, i'm not saying its definitive or encompassing. just the term i would use.
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This is an interesting question. I haven't come up with much, but maybe you could call such an individual self-aware or self-conscious. Such an individual is concerned with upholding, or living up to, their self-conception.

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    There is literally a term "image conscious".
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  • @Dan Bron, I was thinking the poster wouldn't like 'image conscious' because it usually suggests being conscious of one's image in the eyes of others, which they explicitly say they are not interested in. Rather, the poster "want[s] to describe someone who is concerned with their personality being consistent." But the original post is a bit equivocal... [@]Isabelle, could you clarify a little?
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  • I am so sorry. I was trying to use this word to describe a character from a book, and no matter what, he always tries to act cool, and tough. He acted this way, when it would definitely not benefit him, so I thought he could not possibly be image-conscious, because he would be aware of how his attitude was not helping his situation. But in fact, that still would make him image-conscious. Sorry if that makes absolutely no sense. Image conscious would fit. Sorry, Silenus, but I really appreciate it.
    – Isabelle
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  • Somone who takes a curious amount of time to get ready; they will take the time to try and perfect every physical flaw with their image Verb[edit]

  • Primp ‎(third-person singular simple present primps, present participle primping, simple past and past participle primped)

  • To spend time improving one's appearance (often in front of a mirror)


This person might be (or wants to be) a conformist.


conformist NOUN

1 A person who conforms to accepted behaviour or established practices

‘The final argument used by the public school is one of socialization and their failed attempts to convince the masses that children need indoctrination and must become social conformists by association with their peers.’



Adjusting your question: I want to describe someone who is concerned with their personality being congruent. Someone who feels compelled to always be congruent in front of his/her friends.

(Googled..) Definitions of congruent adjective (1) in agreement or harmony.

institutional and departmental objectives are largely congruent

(2) (of figures) identical in form; coinciding exactly when superimposed.

Use just one cut - or draw a line - and divide this white shape into two identical, congruent , parts.

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