Let's say you have two kind of people in a company: Workers and Sellers.

Workers produce things, the amount of things they create is measured by their productivity.

Sellers sell things for money, the amount of money they earn (for the company) is measure by their ______ ?

I was thinking about profitability but I'm not sure about it... What do you think?

  • you could use 'turnover' or 'sales revenue' for the actual money received; it wouldn't be the same as the 'profit' generated, but is that how you'd measure sales performance? – JHCL Sep 9 '15 at 12:02
  • I've seen this metric described as revenue impact. – samuelesque Sep 9 '15 at 12:14

There are several words that could be used.

"Top line"

Top Line is Gross Revenues; that is, every single dollar that comes in the door from the sale of your product or services.


"Sales figure(s)" also works in this context to mean "the amount of revenue generated by [actual] sales", though it can also refer to the number of sales made. for example "...the amount of money they earn is measured by their sales figures

"Sales Revenue (or just 'Revenue') can also be used:


3 - revenues, the collective items or amounts of income of a person, a state, etc.


For example "...the amount of money they earn for the company is measured by their sales revenues"

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