What is difference between lure and allure ? Dictionaries refer that both words convey message to attract. However I found that lure is often used to attract through false or exaggerated promises or persuasion. Is it right or not ?

For instance :

He lured both girls into his car under the guise he was a punter and then drove them several miles away.

Is it appropriate to use lure only in false promising manner and allure in contrast ?

For instance:

I am allured by the a dramatic landscape of magnificent mountains.

Is it correct ?

Or both words can be used interchangeably as there is no difference ? I can't distinguish the usage of these words. Please help me.

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"To lure" is a verb: I lure someone to me.

"Allure" is a quality: I have an allure about me.

"To be allured" is to be affected by the quality "allure"

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