"It is his job to stand there"

What's the function of the infinitive phrase in this sentence? I'm leaning towards it being an appositive of the complement "his job" or of the subject "it", but I'm not certain.

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    This is a transform (by Extraposition) of the sentence To stand there is his job, in which the infinitive subject (For him) to stand there is extraposed to the end of the sentence, leaving a dummy it as the actual subject. This it governs singular verb agreement, no matter what the original subject was, but since it is almost always a clause or phrase, this is seldom an issue. – John Lawler Aug 31 '15 at 22:53
  1. "It" = dummy pronoun
  2. "is" = verb
  3. "his" = possessive pronoun modifying "job"
  4. "job" = subject complement
  5. "to stand there" = subject phrase containing:
    • "to stand" infinitive used as noun
    • "there" = adverb modifying the infinitive
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